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Town of Bargersville Permits

Golf Cart Permit

The Bargersville Town Council has enacted an ordinance regulating Golf Carts whereby all carts owners must register their carts with the Town of Bargersville and obtain a permit sticker authorizing use of the cart.

Golf Cart Ordinance 2009-14

Download your registration form here:

Golf Cart Registration Form


All carts must be transported to the Bargersville Police Station for an inspection before a permit will be issued.

Questions regarding the Golf Cart Ordinance may be directed to the Bargersville Police Department at 317-422-1222.

Gun Permits

All Permits are Now Processed Electronically Online!

Electronic Application Procedure:

  1. Open the application website:
  2. Select the county in which you reside.
  3. Verify that the county in the upper right hand corner of the application is the county in which you reside. If it is not listed, then you are not eligible to use the online application process. Use the paper application obtained at your local law enforcement agency.
  4. Answer all questions that apply.
  5. Your full legal name must be provided on the application. Example: "Chuck" is not appropriate if your name is "Charles". Failure to disclose your legal name can result in the denial of your application for false statement. If your legal name is composed of initials, it would be helpful for you to present verification such as a birth certificate or court papers documenting name change to the local authority and the state police. The alias blank is for prior legal names, maiden names, and informal names used such as "Jack."
  6. If you answer "yes" to the question, "Have you ever been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony violation, including DUI?" then you must list all charges for which you have been convicted. Failure to do so can result in the denial of your application for false statement. It is a felony to intentionally provide false information. If you are unsure of your record, discuss this when you visit your local law enforcement agency. You can also review your personal criminal history that has been submitted to the Indiana State Police by scheduling a request to review/challenge your Indiana criminal history through the Inkless system that can be accessed on the Indiana State Police website ( You may also have to contact local and out of state jurisdictions where you were arrested for that information.
  7. If you have problems seeing the continue button on after acknowledging the perjury statement, try lowering you screen resolution on your display in the control panel of your computer. You might also try enabling pop ups temporarily.
  8. Review the information on the application before submitting it. The applicant is responsible for the information on the application—no exceptions.
  9. If you do not know a previous license number, put "UNK" and estimate the year if not known.
  10. If you answer "Yes" to the question, "Have you ever been treated for psychiatric health care or an emotional or mental illness?" then you must submit documentation from the care provider. See the FAQ page for more information on this topic.
  11. To apply for a lifetime permit with the reduced fee, you must hold a valid permit of the same type (i.e. personal protection or hunting and target) at the time of application. If you do not hold a current permit, you must pay the full fee. Retired law enforcement officers must present further verification to receive the fee exempt permit (see FAQ’s for more information). To qualify for the fee exempt dealer’s license, you must be a licensed Indiana firearms dealer.
  12. At the end of the application process, print your confirmation page to take with you when you go to the local police department covering the jurisdiction in which you reside. A local fee will have to be paid to that agency.
  13. At the end of the online application, you will be presented with a choice to schedule an appointment at an L1 Identity Solutions (INKLESS) site for fingerprints or complete the fingerprints at your local law enforcement agency when you visit them to complete the application process and pay the local fee. Bargersville requires that you complete the application online and use L1. The L1 Identity Solution charges a fee of $10.95 to process your fingerprints and state fee payment. The state fee can also be paid online and with a credit card in the L1 process.
  14. When you schedule an appointment with L1 Identity Solutions, you will provide your fingerprints and state fee through that service.

    After completing the L1 process, you will need to call Bargersville Police Dept at 317-422-1222 to schedule an appointment to finish the process. You should take all of your receipts. You will complete the application process and pay the local fee at this visit.
  15. At your visit to the local law enforcement agency, please review your application carefully to make sure it is correct. The applicant is responsible for the information and answers provided on the application, whether the application was actually typed by the applicant or someone else. An improper answer can delay or result in the denial of your application. Your application can be edited by the local jurisdiction for you.

A printed copy of the online application as completed by the applicant will not be accepted in its paper form and is not considered legal proof of application. The online application must be submitted electronically, and a legally accepted copy can be obtained from the local law enforcement agency.