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Bargersville Power & Light

powerPhoto1.jpgTo Report a Power Outage or Emergency, please call - 317-422-5115.

The Town of Bargersville currently serves approximately 3427 customers in the Bargersville and Whiteland areas of Johnson County, Indiana. We are a member of IMPA and as such are able to provide our customers with reliable low cost power.

Access the IMPA Home Energy Suite to find new ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Making a few changes in your home could mean substantial savings on your energy bill.

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Monday - Friday:  7:00am - 3:30pm
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Power & Light Key Information

Power & Light Key Information

If you need to do any digging on your property, remember to "Call Before You Dig, It's the Law". Dial "811" or to get more information please visit

Review and recording fees have been adopted for all utilities, click on the following link to view Bargersville Ordinance 2014-28, An Ordinance Regarding Review Fees for Various Utility Matters

Schedule of Power Rates

Issued Pursuant to IURC Cause No. 42892 approved February 22, 2006

2015 Non-Recurring Fee Schedule

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2009 Bargersville Utility Power Rates